The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost

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An American Minister to the Court of St. James, Hiram B. Otis moves into an English country house. Canterville Chase, even after being warned that the house was haunted. No one inthe family, Mr. & Mrs. Otis, their eldest son Washington, their daughter, Virginia, or the young twins, believe in ghosts. However no one told Sir Simon de Canterville that he doesnot exist. Can Sir Simon haunt disbelievers? How can the Otis family sleep with all that wailing and chain rattling?

11 voices from the Act on Radio players bring you the
classic story of the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville
and the American family that does not believe in ghosts.

1 hour and
18 minutes
on 2 CD’s

recorded at the Spotlight Theatre
located in Historic Old Town
Stayton, Oregon